Scandinavian Management and Technology

Holding Scandinavian Management and Technology (SMT) unites the companies from Sweden, Finland, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The basic SMT activity are project management, engineering, consulting, development and deliveries of the industrial equipment.

SMT provided the global marketing researches for the famous Europe corporations. Investment projects in Sweden, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan and the mining projects of nonmetallic materials in were developed and implemented. The customers in the different countries are receiving the equipment and spare parts from our companies.

Our clients and partners are: Mantsinen OY (Finland) , Metso Minerals (Sweden), Kalmar Industries (Sweden), Plannja (Sweden), Nimex (Sweden), Bergby International (Sweden), Holding «Transstroy» (Russia), Holding «Izmailovo» (Russia), Holding «Altkom» (Ukraine), «Anti crises analytic centre» (Ukraine), Euro- Siberian Insurance company (Ukraine), etc.

SMT have the steady internal structure and unite the companies with the qualified experts, incorporated by the uniform purpose and long-term experience of teamwork.

We are always ready for fruitful cooperation and traditionally welcome any offers directed on development of mutually advantageous business. Feel free to contact us.